Trevor Tham
In 2010, Trevor co-founded Trevmonki YouTube Channel which quickly became one of Singapore’s top YouTube channels. As a director, he has an eye for realistic details and very often looks for naturalistic performances in actors.

Despite starting out in the media industry without prior experience and knowledge, his passion and love for the art kept him motivated and never stopped learning.

After years of creating content and experimentation, his hard work finally paid off. Trevor won his first ever short film competition, “Light This Location” organized by Aputure where he won Best Picture in Asia.

Today, he is still constantly striving for more, taking on challenges and improving as a filmmaker. He believes that this is an art form ever evolving and that you can never master it therefore you will always be faced with a new set of challenges every time.

That’s what keeps him motivated, to tell compelling stories through his vision. As both a YouTuber and a film director, Trevor is unafraid of challenging the creative unknown to reach new horizons in content creation.
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Leonard Lau
With roots steeped in the creative realm of marketing, Leonard showcased an exceptional knack for fine details, a trait that enabled him to craft intriguing narratives. It was this talent that steered him towards establishing himself as a renowned YouTuber under the pseudonym, Trevmonki.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Leonard later co-founded Studiomonki, a contemporary production house. In 2017, Leonard wholeheartedly embraced his budding passion for creative arts and pursued a degree in Communications at the University of Birmingham.

His dedication earned him a laudable Bachelor of Arts degree, with cum laude honors. Meanwhile, Studiomonki embarked on a fruitful collaboration with Bloomr SG.As part of this partnership, Leonard lent his expertise to a host of projects, ranging from client commissions to television and digital commercials.

He worked alongside prestigious clients like BMW, Samsung, Grab, Amazon, and Singtel, further expanding his portfolio and experience. One of Leonard's proudest moments arrived when he and his team clinched the Best Picture in Asia award at the esteemed Aputure's short film competition, “Light This Location".

This win underpinned Leonard's standing as a gifted storyteller and filmmaker, and served as a testament to his unyielding passion for the craft.
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